My name's Greg; I have the best job in the world!

I get to document people, their families, their work and their parties!

I specialise in events, portraits and wedding photography, I'm based on the border of Surrey and Hampshire, in Farnborough.

I picked up my first camera in 2004, I thought I'd like a new hobby, so I bought myself an old second-hand Nikon DSLR and taught myself how to use it! The bug soon caught hold and before I knew it, I was upgrading my kit and buying new lenses and camera's year after year!

I decided to advance my photography skills about 10 years ago, so I enrolled in Nikon's Training School where I learnt in-depth about my cameras and photography and also took specific classes on photographing people, events and weddings. Since 2012 I've been a member of The Photographer Academy and more recently become a member of The Xperience; a small group of professional photographers led and mentored by the award winning Mark Cleghorn.

To keep in touch, please follow me on Instagram and like my Facebook business page to receive updates on my new work.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to photographing your special story very soon :)

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